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This year, San Diego Comic Con, an event that we (Alex Pardee & Dave Correia) have both exhibited at together for over a decade, is cancelled. But guess what? WHO CARES?! Comic Con is expensive, hard to attend, crowded, smelly, disorienting, and exhausting. Wouldn’t you rather go to a convention that has NO entrance fees, NO hotel fees, NO crowds, NO long lines, and NO pants required?? And wouldn’t you rather have the opportunity to get a hold of some exclusive art & merch from the comfort (and safety) of your quarantined couch? Good, because the cancellation of Comic Con won’t stop us from bringing our convention booths HOME TO YOU at “NOCON”.

“NOCON” is an exclusive art event taking place online at for 10-days during the time that we WOULD be exhibiting at San Diego Comic Con in July, featuring all-new limited merch drops, online streaming art demos, and more, scattered out over the 10 day span of the event.

We are currently still organizing the event and making sure we have some amazing new art products to unveil for “NOCON”, so make sure you REGISTER FOR FREE here to stay updated and to gain access to these limited items and secrets from both of us (Alex Pardee and Dave Correia). As small businesses, it’s important for us to gain your FREE REGISTRATION to assure we can gauge the correct amount of product to have available during “NOCON” so you can have the best online experience possible. And please also follow both @alexpardee & @davecorreia on Instagram and Twitter for additional info.

What exactly is “NO-CON”?

No-Con is a ten-day “virtual event” where both Dave Correia and Alex Pardee will be releasing new merch ONLINE on both of their websites that they would have released at San Diego Comic Con had that not been cancelled. Some of the merch will be limited, and some will be exclusive only to this ten-day period. Additionally, both Alex and Dave will be broadcasting extra content, panels, Q&As and more throughout the ten-day period.

When and where does “NO-CON” take place?

No-Con STARTS July 17th at 12 Noon PST and ends July 26th at 11PM PST.

Technically, No-Con takes place wherever YOU are! That’s the best part. No need to go out. Stay inside, stay safe, and hang out with us!

BUT, No-Con will launch ONLINE at That website will guide you to the necessary places (like Twitch, Instagram, Discord, etc) to buy the merch and watch the broadcasted panels.

What other artists will be involved?

As of right now, Dave Correia and Alex Pardee are the only artists that are participating in the first NO-CON. This is an experimental online event, so if it goes well, they may do it again in the future and may involve more artists and creators.

Can I be a vendor at NO-CON?

For this initial No Con event, the only vendors will be Alex Pardee & Dave Correia. However, if the event is well-received, they may do it again in the future, and may open it up to additional artists, creators, and vendors. Helping spread the word and supporting this initial NO-CON will help it expand in the future!

What products will be available to buy at NO-CON?

In a similar fashion to Comic Con, there will be a variety of apparel, prints, pins, books and toys/sculptures available. As far as specific reveals and info, we will be sending out more information through these email updates as well as both of our Social accounts (@alexpardee & @davecorreia).

We can say that most of the items available for sale will be available AS SOON AS NO-CON BEGINS at 12 Noon PST on July 17th.

When will my No-Con order ship?

Since most of the items available at No-Con are pre-orders (so that EVERYONE gets a chance to purchase something during the convention), all orders placed during No-Con will be shipped in late August. Thank you in advance for your patience.

What panels and presentations will there be at NO-CON?

Much like the products, we will be providing more information about the streaming panels and presentations via these email updates. However, some of the streaming events will be taking place HERE on Alex Pardee’s TWITCH channel so feel free to follow him or bookmark that page now for future reference. Additionally, you can join the NO CON DISCORD also, as we will be having some interactive stuff going on there during NO-CON, too!

Can we donate to help support NO-CON?

At this time, although we appreciate the kind offer, the best way to donate would be to purchase anything during NO-CON. However, you do not HAVE to purchase anything to participate and watch the streaming content.


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April 15, 2021 @ 12:00 AM (BST) to
December 31, 2021 @ 11:30 PM (BST)



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