Pastor Paul Begley

Megaquake 2020

by Pastor Paul Begley
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Earthquakes, asteroids, volcanic activity, severe weather events on the rise! Why? Listen to experts in science, government & the Bible!

About this Event

Clyde Lewis of Ground Zero

Gil Broussard

John Moore of the Liberty Man

Bishop Larry & Sandy Ragland of Solid Rock Church

Pastor Paul Begley of Paul Begley Prophecy

Heidi Begley will present “the green file”

Registration will start at 4pm on May 1 Friday!

5pm Praise & Worship

6pm Gil Broussard

7:15pm Break

7:45 Bishop Larry Ragland

9 am Praise & Worship

9:30 John Moore

10:45 Break

11:15 Clyde Lewis

12:30 Lunch On Your Own

2:00 pm Praise & Worship

2:30 pm Green File Reveal

3:00pm Mike From Around The World

3:30 pm Mike From Around The World & Pastor Paul

4:15 Break

4:30 Steve Quayle

6:00 Pastor Paul Begley

You don’t want to miss this important conference on the changes

that are happening all over our planet and how that pertains to the

warnings that we have already received biblically.

The uptick in earthquakes, volcanic activity, severe weather, wild fires, increasing sea levels will be discussed and the causes including the possibility of the influence of Planet X or Nibiru will be dissected.

The government plans that have been in place in anticipation of the effect of the extremes of climate change and the ever looming threat of New Madrid will be revealed.

The Biblical plan for man may have told that us to expect these changes to happen at the “end of days” . What does that mean? How should mankind respond from a spiritual point of view and how can we prepare ourselves, our families and our friends?

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June 7, 2020 @ 02:30 AM to
December 31, 2020 @ 12:30 PM

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December 31, 2020

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